David Millward, also known as Milky, is based in London, England, and has over 30 years experience in Live Sound.


d&b Training at SSE

Want to learn more about Line Array basic principles, and in particular setting up d&b systems using their Array Calc software? Then get yourself signed ...

DPA Mics at Glastonbury

For any of you Sound Engineers mixing bands on The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury this year, don’t forget to try out some of the DPA mics that Sound Net ...

Sir Cliff in New York

Had the honour of meeting Sir Cliff Richard last night, at a special event celebrating the opening of Wimbledon 2014, which was held at the the British Cons ...


The Toms, The Bens and The Davids

The latest addition to the ranks of engineers called Tom who are using the Allen&Heath iLive, is Tom Vollmers from Ausfahrt in Germany (sorry Tom, I jus ...

The Shure Unidyne is 75

Incredibly, it’s 75 years since Shure introduced the Unidyne microphone and it’s still going strong today. With it’s single capsule cardio ...

The Good Vibes Carpet

If someone was to ask me what the most important item I take on tour was, the answer would of course be my kettle. However a very close second is my ...

About Me

About Me

Inspired by Hank Marvin's excellent guitar playing with The Shadows and Bert Weedon's legendary "Play in a Day" tutorial, I initially set out to be a famous guitarist.  However ...

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