David Millward, also known as Milky, is based in London, England, and has over 30 years experience in Live Sound.

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Tom Howat + iLive

Seen at the legendary Roundhouse venue in London last night, Tom Howat, mixing Monitors for Franz Ferdinand, on an Allen&Heath iLive-112 surface with i ...

A&H GLD v1.4 firmware

Allen&Heath have just released V1.4 Firmware update for their lovely GLD Consoles. Amongst the new features are: DynEq and Multiband Compressors (from i ...

Above & Beyond Acoustic

Above & Beyond Acoustic, premiered their “Live at Portchester Hall” film in London earlier this month. MilkStar were very happy to hire them ...


Allen&Heath iLive

It’s no secret that an Allen&Heath iLive has been my console of choice recently. In fact my beloved iLive-80 has now travelled around the World a couple ...

Cupping the mic works wonders!

Some friends posted this on Facebook and although the main thrust of the video is about the Bananadyne gizmo, I particularly liked the extras included in th ...

Smaart 7 Training Course

How many  reference microphones does it take to measure a Sound Engineer? I couldn’t resist taking a photo of everyone’s measurement mics at the ...

About Me

About Me

Inspired by Hank Marvin's excellent guitar playing with The Shadows and Bert Weedon's legendary "Play in a Day" tutorial, I initially set out to be a famous guitarist.  However ...

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