Swing Out Sister

David Millward – also known as – Milky.

Inspired by Hank Marvin’s excellent guitar playing with The Shadows and Bert Weedon’s legendary “Play in a Day” tutorial, I initially set out to be a famous guitarist.  However, along the way, I developed a keen interest in audio recording and mixing, so when I was offered my first tour with TourTech PA Hire in 1982, it seemed like a very natural progression.  I went on to do many other tours and one off shows with them, mainly as Monitor Engineer and PA Tech, and these formative years taught me a lot.  I became a freelance engineer around 1989, and since about 1995 I have concentrated almost exclusively on mixing FOH Sound.

My years of experience have given me an understanding of the important relationship between everyone involved in a production, and how a calm and positive approach from all of the crew helps put an artist at ease, giving them the added confidence to perform to their highest abilities.

Since the advent of the “Digital Revolution” in Live Audio, I have taken great pleasure in embracing all the new technology, using its power and flexibility to give me an even greater scope for creativity.

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