David Millward, also known as Milky, is a Live Sound FOH Engineer with more than 30 years international touring experience.



Recent work and life updates

Life Update Lots been going on for me in the last twelve months or so to keep me from updating the website. After many years living in London and more ...

dLive v1.7 Firmware Update

V1.7 firmware overview The latest development from Allen & Heath for their flagship dLive Mixing System, is the release of dLive V1.7 firmware, code nam ...

About Me

Inspired by Hank Marvin's excellent guitar playing with The Shadows and Bert Weedon's legendary "Play in a Day" tutorial, I initially set out to be a guitarist.  However, along the way, I developed a keen interest in audio. Read more on my ABOUT page...

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My Brief Résumé