Smaart V7

Smaart training in London

Wigwam Acoustics, now part of the SSE Audio Group, are holding a Smaart training class at The Barbican in London. The class will cover Smaart Fundamentals, Smaart Applications and an…
The Equals - German Tour Itinerary 1983

Tour Itinerary – 1983

Whilst browsing my photos today and trying to avoid doing any real work, I chanced upon this scan I made of an “Equals” tour itinerary from 1983. Rob Coles and…
Nobel Peace Prize Concert Finale

Nobel Peace Prize Concert

This year saw the 20th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo and I was very happy to be a small part of it. The prize was awarded…
Location Recording Man and Rycote

Location Sound Course

I’m thinking about doing this Location Sound Course at the London Film School – A Practical Introduction to Location Sound: Recording & Mixing. It’s a two day intensive course on…
Brighton Beach - Tony Ray-Jones

Only in England

Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Brighton Beach – Tony Ray-Jones The exhibition is on at the Science Museum until March 16th…
PG Tips Monkey T-Book

PG Tips Monkey T-Book

As anyone who knows me will confirm, I do love a drop of tea.  I’ve always got my tea pot, a selection of teas and an assortment of kettles with…
Highgate Wood

It’s Alive!

Hours in the making and some sleepless nights later, the new fohengineer website is finally live. Phew! It’s very early days for it yet as there are lots of plans…
Highgate Wood Blue

Wet weather and websites

Due to the inclement weather, David will mostly be staying indoors today and working on this website. Still lots to do, but it’s at least starting to look something like.…
Highgate Wood B+W

New website

The new fohengineer website is now very near to being launched. Watch this space!
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