• The top of the range Schertler A-Dyn by far out performs all other contact mics in our opinion. Suitable for all acoustic instruments with a soundboard, including: Piano, Double Bass, Cello, Violin, Harp, Guitar etc.As far as we know we are the only people in the UK that have these wonderful mics in stock to rent
  • Manufacturer : Schertler
  • Model : A-Dyn (Universal)

A-Dyn Testimonials

They were definitely life savers as far as I'm concerned. I could get much more level and a warmer, richer sound from the Schertler A-Dyns on the grand piano, harp and acoustic bass, than from any other mics we tried.

The Schertler A-Dyns worked perfectly for our acoustic show and really brought the instruments to life.

I used the Schertler A-Dyn on a grand piano with David Gray, it really helps to create a solid tight sound in the wedges.

We will definitely be renting the Schertler A-Dyns from MilkStar again!

Everyone was very impressed with the Piano sound using the Schertler A-Dyns from MilkStar.

The Schertler A-Dyn & DPA 4099 mics are the perfect combination for acoustic stringed instruments.

The customer service we received was first class!  Schertler A-Dyns are very hard to find for rental, so it's great to have MilkStar making them available.

The Schertler A-Dyns produced a very clear and solid sound which is exactly what I needed in the monitors.

Clients & Engineeers

  • Above & Beyond - Graham Hutchison, Tom Howat, Mark Ellis-Cope
  • Neil Finn - Nick Allen
  • Paloma Faith - Huw Parry Richards, Oliver Waring
  • Tindersticks - Graham Pattisson, Jamie Hickey

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