Devon Coastline

Recent work and life updates

Life Update Lots been going on for me in the last twelve months or so to keep me from updating the website. After many years living in London and more…
dLive S3000 Manchester Arena - Morrissey

Light & Sound International Interview

The October 2016 edition of Light and Sound International features an interview by Phil Ward with yours truly, about my Allen & Heath iLive, and now, dLive addiction, amongst other…
UAC - United Audio Companies

UAC – United Audio Companies

SSE Audio & Sound Image are UAC August 13th 2015 marked the start of an exciting joint venture between SSE Audio Group Ltd in the UK and Sound Image Inc…
Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

Want to view BBC iPlayer whilst you’re on tour abroad? Tunnel Bear is the simplest solution I’ve seen so far. It works with Macs, PCs, iOS devices and Android and is…
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