Glastonbury & DPA

DPA Mics at Glastonbury

For any of you Sound Engineers mixing bands on The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury this year, don’t forget to try out some of the DPA mics that Sound Network have…
Sir Cliff

Sir Cliff in New York

Had the honour of meeting Sir Cliff Richard last night, at a special event celebrating the opening of Wimbledon 2014, which was held at the the British Consular Residence in…
Morrissey Monitor World

The Toms, The Bens and The Davids

The latest addition to the ranks of engineers called Tom who are using the Allen & Heath iLive, is Tom Vollmers from Ausfahrt in Germany (sorry Tom, I just couldn’t…
Shure Unidyne image

The Shure Unidyne is 75

Incredibly, it’s 75 years since the Shure Unidyne microphone was introduced and it’s still going strong today. With its single capsule cardioid pickup pattern, it was the first of its…
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