dLive S3000 Manchester Arena - Morrissey

Light & Sound International Interview

The October 2016 edition of Light and Sound International features an interview by Phil Ward with yours truly, about my Allen & Heath iLive, and now, dLive addiction, amongst other…
UAC - United Audio Companies

UAC – United Audio Companies

SSE Audio & Sound Image are UAC August 13th 2015 marked the start of an exciting joint venture between SSE Audio Group Ltd in the UK and Sound Image Inc…
Bring Your Dog To Work Day Logo

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Bring Your Dog To Work Day, is an annual event that raises money for dog welfare charities. All proceeds from this year’s event, which was held on the 26th June…
iLive-112 O2 Arena Morrissey Monitors

iLive at the O2 Arena

Spotted on Saturday at the O2 Arena in London, Tom Vollmers (hiding off-camera as usual), once again specifying and using the Allen&Heath iLive-112 Console with iDR10 Modular MixRack, for Monitor…
Morrissey Monitor World

The Toms, The Bens and The Davids

The latest addition to the ranks of engineers called Tom who are using the Allen & Heath iLive, is Tom Vollmers from Ausfahrt in Germany (sorry Tom, I just couldn’t…
Shure Unidyne image

The Shure Unidyne is 75

Incredibly, it’s 75 years since the Shure Unidyne microphone was introduced and it’s still going strong today. With its single capsule cardioid pickup pattern, it was the first of its…
The Good Vibes Carpet

The Good Vibes Carpet

If someone was to ask me what the most important item I take on tour was, the answer would of course be my kettle. However a very close second is my…
Tom Howat

Tom Howat interview

Tom Howat interviewed about mixing Monitors for Franz Ferdinand and his use of the Allen & Heath iLive-112.
Allen&Heath iLive Cases

Allen & Heath iLive

It’s no secret that an Allen & Heath iLive has been my console of choice recently. In fact my beloved iLive-80 has now travelled around the World a couple of…
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