Tom Vollmers and iLive

The latest addition to the ranks of engineers called Tom who are using the Allen & Heath iLive, is Tom Vollmers from Ausfahrt in Germany (sorry Tom, I just couldn’t help myself).

When asked about his choice of the iLive-112 for mixing monitors on the recent Morrissey tour in the USA, Vollmers replied, “Well, it seemed like the logical choice as my name is Tom“.

Another recent convert to the iLive system called Tom, is Tom Howat (Franz Ferdinand, Paolo Nutini).


The Toms, now join existing iLive devotees sharing the same first name, like:

The BensBen Hammond (Deaf Havana, Saxon) and Ben Booker (PJ Harvey, Spiritualised)
The DavidsDavid McDonald (Broken Bells, Frank Ocean, Adele) and myself, David Millward.

I haven’t actually met all of these gentlemen, but I can only conclude that they are all very wise men!

The Gallery slideshow shows some pictures of Tom Vollmer’s Monitor setup for Morrissey and also a couple of shots of my FOH area for the same tour.

See also the Allen & Heath Blog and Facebook page for more details.

iLive System consisted of:

iLive-80 Modular Surface iLive-112 Modular Surface
iDR10 Modular MixRack iDR10 Modular MixRack
Dante Card Dante Card
Spare iDR10 MixRack FOH/MONS split was passive analogue
Audio system provided by Eighth Day Sound:

d&b V Series d&b M2 wedges
B2 Subs L-Acoustic ARCS for Sidefills
D80 amplifiers D12 & LA8 Amplifiers
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