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Shure 55SH UnidyneIncredibly, it’s 75 years since the Shure Unidyne microphone was introduced and it’s still going strong today. With its single capsule cardioid pickup pattern, it was the first of its kind, and set a new standard for live microphones. The original Unidyne’s iconic design is still a clear favourite with photographers and movie makers and although it’s not used so often for live sound these days, its direct descendant in the form of the SM57, is to be found on almost every gig.

I am the proud owner of the lovely shiny 545SD below which is based upon the Unidyne III.  I use it solely for Talkback but it’s always good to know I have another great mic to hand if needed.

My SD545

To read in much more detail about how the Unidyne range was created back in 1939, take a look at the excellent Shure Blog Unidyne Post.

Unidyne images © Shure Microphones

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