Devon Coastline

Recent work and life updates

Life Update Lots been going on for me in the last twelve months or so to keep me from updating the website. After many years living in London and more…
dLive S3000 Manchester Arena - Morrissey

Light & Sound International Interview

The October 2016 edition of Light and Sound International features an interview by Phil Ward with yours truly, about my Allen & Heath iLive, and now, dLive addiction, amongst other…
Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

Want to view BBC iPlayer whilst you’re on tour abroad? Tunnel Bear is the simplest solution I’ve seen so far. It works with Macs, PCs, iOS devices and Android and is…
The Good Vibes Carpet

The Good Vibes Carpet

If someone was to ask me what the most important item I take on tour was, the answer would of course be my kettle. However a very close second is my…
Allen&Heath iLive Cases

Allen & Heath iLive

It’s no secret that an Allen & Heath iLive has been my console of choice recently. In fact my beloved iLive-80 has now travelled around the World a couple of…
The Equals - German Tour Itinerary 1983

Tour Itinerary – 1983

Whilst browsing my photos today and trying to avoid doing any real work, I chanced upon this scan I made of an “Equals” tour itinerary from 1983. Rob Coles and…
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