Whilst browsing my photos today and trying to avoid doing any real work, I chanced upon this scan I made of an “Equals” tour itinerary from 1983. Rob Coles and myself somehow managed to find all these venues without the aid of the internet or mobile phones. Pretty amazing really, as neither of us spoke any German and in those days not so many people in Germany spoke English. We also self drove the whole tour in Dick Rabel’s Mercedes Saloon car towing a trailer with a “Mega”, bin, mid, horn PA and all the band’s backline inside. I don’t recall us being very popular as we “snaked” up and down the autobahns, being overtaken by German truckers on every hill. It’s a miracle we survived actually as the front wheels of the car hardly gripped the road due to the weight of the trailer, and when it snowed down in Bavaria, well, all I will say is that was very nearly the end of us at least once.

The Equals - German Tour Itinerary 1983

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