For any of you Sound Engineers mixing bands on The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury this year, don’t forget to try out some of the DPA mics that Sound Network have specially provided in arrangement with Simon Honywill and RG Jones.

Glastonbury & DPAHere’s the list of mics you will have access to, as announced by Sound Network:

Qty Mic Use
4 d:facto II for Vocals
2 4011A for just about everything, but great as overheads
4 2011C perfect on kick, snare, hats and amps
4 4099 for toms, snares and cymbals
1 4091 (Omni) for kick, amps and percussion
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  • Like this! Might have to get involved, any recommendations out if this list that you would say is a must for drums?

    • I’ve mostly used the 4099 on string instruments like Cello, Double Bass and Grand Piano. I haven’t had chance to try them on drums, but I have it on very good authority, from more than one respected engineer, that they are great on Toms. I’ve also used the 4011 on Grand Piano which was lovely.

      Try dropping Sound Network a line, I’m sure they can advise more regarding drums. Personally, I’m intrigued by the use of the 4091 omni in a Kick Drum.

  • Hi Matt, Adam from Sound Network (DPA) here.

    Drum set up I would recommend from canvasing a lot of opinion:

    4011’s overheads, 4099’s toms (you can undermic cymbals as well like Big Mick if your into that), 2011C on snare’s, hats and kick.

    If you are around, we have a hands on session on Wednesday to hear the mics, alternatively contact me on and we can arrange something.

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