How many  reference microphones does it take to measure a Sound Engineer?

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of everyone’s measurement mics at the Smaart 7 training course this week.

Smaart Course mics
The three day course, which was run by Rational Acoustics in conjunction with Wigwam Acoustics, was held at The Barbican in London, with Jim Cousins on duty as tutor.

Arguably, Smaart has become the industry standard tool for analysing and setting up audio systems, and yet many users like myself have only been scratching the surface of it’s capabilities.  Finally, I managed to attend this course and really get to grips with the software and find out how to get the best out of it.  Of course, the real test of how much information actually sunk in will only become apparent the next time I use Smaart at a gig, but I certainly feel more confident about it now.

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