Last night saw the inaugural Sound Network Live Event. An innovative idea to put a collection of invited Live Sound Engineers together in one room for an evening of good food, informal conversation and free alcohol. A more cautious company might have thought twice before doing that, but the ladies and gentlemen at Sound Network, who are well known for the generous support they give to Sound Engineers, appeared to be fearless at the prospect. Fortunately we turned out to be a very well behaved bunch, with the only mayhem being provided by the on-tour stories.

Sound Network Live Jan 2014
Sound Network LIVE Event Jan 2014   – photo © sound network

All too often we, as Freelance Sound Engineers, work in isolation from one another, so it was a very pleasant way to meet some new faces and catch up with some old friends.

Refreshingly, there was no sales pitch whatsoever from Sound Network, who distribute the fabulous DPA microphones in the UK, just friendly hospitality. Let’s hope this becomes an annual event!

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