Allen&Heath do it again with the new Qu-You app!

Another simple and elegant remote control app for the Allen&Heath QU Mixer range was released on the App Store today. Qu-You enables up to 7 instances of the free app to be used via a WiFi Router connected to the TCP/IP Port on a QU Mixer. Each musician can remote control the Monitor Mix of their choice and can add Input channels and FX returns (Also Groups on the Qu-24 & Qu-32) to create their individual mix. These sources can then be split into 4 quick access Qu-You groups, and it’s these that form the basis of the “Four Wheel Drive” main user screen which makes the app so simple and quick to use. For full details read more on the Allen&Heath website.

V1.6 Qu Firmware Update

Also released today is V1.6 QU firmware which is required in order to use the Qu-You app. The update gives Mac OSX Yosemite support, as well as adding a PAFL follows Mix Select option and several other new features including an extended Preset Library.[/vc_column_text]

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