DiGiCo SD iPad app Launch

Long in the coming, but definitely worth the wait, is a very welcome new iPad app from DiGiCo which provides remote control for their SD Range of mixers.

Using the app you can control the following features:

Channel Setup, Mixes, Filter EQ, Dynamics, Auxes, Buss Routing, Macros, Snapshots, Matrix, Graphic EQ and Save Session.

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Jamie Hickey and the SD app:

I spoke to Jamie Hickey, who is using a DiGiCo SD console on tour with David Gray, to get his thoughts on the SD app. He is no stranger to using iPad/iPhone remote control as, like myself, he began using the first iOS remote control apps by Allen&Heath and Yamaha the moment they were introduced.

I haven’t had a chance to use the app hooked up to a desk yet but what I can say is that it looks great in Offline Mode. They’ve really thought about the key features needed and the way you access them. Having snapshot control is a real bonus, negating the need to run back to the console if the band change songs whilst I’m on stage during Soundcheck.

Jamie Hickey Monitor Engineer and DIGICo SD Console
Jamie Hickey Monitor Engineer and DIGICo SD Console

Previously I’ve been using an iOS VNC app to mirror the console software running on my Mac, so using the SD app instead is going to make a huge difference.

I agree with Jamie, the app looks very well thought out, and seems easy to use, with a comprehensive set of features.

Some important compatibility points to note though:

The DiGiCo SD.app requires V685+ of SD console software and External Control must be activated on the console. It is not compatible with V634 console software.

Also, Offline Demo Mode is not available in iOS8, it is only available in iOS7 (my test was on iOS7.1). So if you’re already running iOS8 on your iPad and not connected to an SD console, you’ll see nothing but a login screen I’m afraid. Maybe someone from DiGiCo can update us about that situation?

More information about the app can be found on the DIGICo website.

I would welcome any comments from anyone that’s already using the SD app with an SD Console and I’m hoping Jamie will give me some updates and insights after the next leg of his David Gray tour begins.

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  • Hey chaps,
    I had a chance to play with it for a bit and I really think this is a great app that is not just like any other.
    It basically it can act as a second screen for the single screen consoles. So many functions make it an extra to the console, not just a controller of a few parameters. For instance you get loads more macros, you don’t loose the faders to edit the GEQ and you can view 12 channels to do your routing.
    The more I’ll use it the more I’ll like it 😉

    • Thank you for the great comment Fab. That’s good information for everyone to have. Are there any features you would like to see added in the future?

  • So I’ve just done my first soundcheck with the SD remote hooked up to the SD10. Wow…what a difference to using a VNC. Access to auxes, GEQ and PEQ with a dedicated GUI is fantastic.
    The app is intuitive and simple to use and set up. There’s a couple of tweaks to make on the console and you’re off.

    There are a few refinements that I feel would enhance the experience. For example, the GEQ editor doesn’t show the names of the individual GEQ’s – which is a bit annoying when trying to ring out.
    Also, the macro page in the app doesn’t show the colours of the macros and I think it would be better if you could change the size of them. They’re a little small to use ‘on the fly’.

    Aside from those small things, the app is excellent and I’ll certainly continue to use it daily on this tour and beyond…

  • SD app update:

    A source at Digico told me today that Offline Demo mode for iOS8 and display of Graphic EQ names will be included in an update at some point (probably during first half of 2015).

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