Look at this beauty from the early 1970s.

That’s even before I was mixing, which will be hard for some to believe. Custom made by Allen & Heath for Pink Floyd, the Mod1 Quad, looks like it was built into its own flight case, rather like the original Soundcraft Series 1S, that was around at roughly the same time. I wonder if there’s still a Mod1 or for that matter a Series 1S, in use somewhere?

The Mod range were state of the art consoles at that time and were also used by the Who and Genesis, along with many others. I found a Mod1 User Guide on the Allen & Heath website which along with the Brochures and User Guides for the Mod2 and Mod3 consoles, make interesting reading. “Features up to 16 Input channels” proudly states the Mod2 Brochure.

Lots more Classic Allen & Heath Console pictures to see on the A&H Classic Collection Facebook Album.

Allen & Heath Mod1 Quad Mixer

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